Who are we?

Mary Jane UK

Who are we?

Mary Jane UK was founded by a 'budding' young man who was interested in combining his recreational love with his interest in fashion and streetwear.

Here at MJUK we believe that the stonerwear community is one that is not catered for correctly so thats where we come in.

We aim to extinguish the stereotypical dead clothing which has been provided for herbalists and completely take over with the casual look of the cross spliff MJUK logo. 

We are all about positive vibes here at MJUK so hit us up on our social media accounts and don't be afraid to drop us a message - discount codes will be available for those who are connected with all our social media accounts.

So hit us up!

Facebook - MaryJaneUnitedKingdom

Instagram - @maryjaneuk91

Twitter - @maryjaneuk91

Stay lifted peopledem